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  • Our main mission is Providing individual based, global vise and most convenient education or training options trough dedicated and sophisticated education and career counseling while acting as an important local partner in recruitment and marketing of its institutions and organizations in cooperation. This can also be summarized as; to be an international hub between our partner institutions and individuals plus organizations in the region in order to fulfill their knowledge, skill and professional experience needs.

    In order to achieve this we tend to acts as our clients’ liaison in Turkey, north Africa and Central Asia based in the region which is the most cost effective means to develop and maintain a market presence. We are a resource that students from around the region can contact for information about our clients. We visit universities, all level of educational institutions including high schools in the region to give seminars to students and to meet with counselors.

    Our main values are;

    • Respect for cross-cultural differences and diversity
    • Ethics and integrity
    • Close, collaborative relationships with industry and other institutional/educational partners

    Some quick facts;

    • We are placing around 120 students year around to 6 different continents of the world. Our main strength is the detailed and sophisticated counseling to fresh graduates and young professionals for post graduate or career abroad opportunities. We can be regarded as a boutique counseling office.
    • Pluseducation&career is able to serve all around Turkey and the surrounding countries in the region. We have some reliable contact people, mainly among the academics of regional universities and subagencies in the main student recruitment areas of Turkey. Additional to this we are recruiting students from all our region including Cyprus, Iran, Iraq, etc. As we see the great opportunity in Turkic Republics currently we are in search of some reliable contact there as well. At the moment we are negotiating with some academics in Kyrgyzstan etc.
    • Pluseducation&career has well established links with a number of reputable educational institutions in UK, US, AUS, Ireland, New Zealand and Europe. Some examples are;
    • Johnson&Wales Universty Amerika
    • University of Colorado- Amerika
    • University of Windsor- Canada
    • University of Arts London- UK
    • University of Essex -UK
    • Monash University – Avustralya
    • RMIT University – Avustralya
    • Frei Universitat Berlin- Germany
    • Gallen University- Switzerland
    • European School of Economics- Italy

    We have a very friendly and well equipped office in the city center in a very popular area of Istanbul.

    Our service is totally free of charge condition to the coverage of physical costs by the applicant


    • %100 visa application
    • %100 School application
    • %70 enrolment over personal visits to office
    • %100 follow up rate to possible enquires
    • %60 return rate from marketing events

    If your institution/Organization is willing to be represented by lus education&career in Turkey please let us know and inform about the related procedure and all necessary details.

    We will be pleased to cooperate with you and believe it is going to be a fruitful one.

    For further information please get in contact with us and refer to the linked Power Point Presentation