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  • You may be aware that Plus education&career is not just a student recruitment agency but delivers all related services regionally following something of both a British Council and Austrade model. We now have offices or contact people in Turkey, Australia, Libya, China and Russia.

    The advantage for clients is that we can cross borders seamlessly, i.e. being Turkish in addition to diverse experience in government, business, education and other activities. We are flexible and dynamic because we don’t need to hassle with bureaucracy as a private organization.

    Plus education&careersupports universities, training institutions, companies, government bodies, but also individuals, in their ambitions to operate successfully on the international education and development market. We offer our clients our specialist knowledge, our experience of Turkish market and our global networks in combination with professionalism and lateral thinking. The services can include market research, market entry strategy, advertising/promotion, visit assistance, research partner search, follow up, liaising, contract arrangement or applications and regular market intelligence updates.


    All institutions, especially universities with softening or decreasing international student numbers, emphasize on limited marketing budgets, the importance of effective marketing and need to increase conversion rate of offers into enrolments. Any market development or strategy needs to include resources such as students and agents which reflect on the product as a service, not a commodity. The most effective and efficient media or marketing channel is the internet which if done in cooperation with agents leads to increased enrolments.

    Market Research


    Why so important? ”Word of Mouth” can be up to 90% of your most effective marketing resource and good experiences translate into satisfied customers who then market your institution i.e. tell their friends

    Research can cover both tactical and strategic issues and can help your organization:

    • Understand a market, its size and structure
    • Profile customers and explore their motivations
    • Define perceptions of the institution and its brand values
    • Establish staff motivations and satisfaction
    • Examine communication strategies and look at the tone and content of messages
    • Benchmark performance against competitors
    • Examine student satisfaction across a range of services (HEIST)



    Research and anecdotal evidence has proven the importance of customer service, quality product, personal service (enquiry, application, offer then enrolment) and students as marketing resources (Smith). These elements and others are actually cyclical and compare with the AIDA model within an education services model:


    What is the awareness of your country, state, region, city or institution? If awareness has to be increased what can be done?

    Encourage national and state bodies to market generically (”actively”) e.g. state tourism and education bodies via online or television media, and institutions cooperate with state or regional counterparts to share resources. Simultaneously or following this generic awareness raising, institututions can then market education.

    What made your students interested in your institution? What other factors would affect this level of interest? Where do they get their information from?

    ”Word of mouth” is essential here and can account for up to 90% of awareness and interest. This can be exemplified by alumni groups, faculty, student testimonials, evaluations etc. Next most important is the internet with reach and penetration ever increasing and the most important media and promotional channel (not fairs or newspaper advertising)


    How did your students decide upon your institution? What particular features were attractive or met their needs? Was specific information or faculty accessible e.g. employment and cultural advice? What is the difference in conversion rates between direct and agent offers?

    It is clear to all in the private education sector that agents are essential to ”close” i.e. from initial enquiry through application (and visa) to enrolment onshore whether face to face or personal service online.

    Those students who commence at your institution are your most important marketing resource in the cycle, i.e. they tell their friends who go onto enroll. (Business Balls)


    ”Smart institutions are allocating the highest proportion of their marketing budgets to online marketing versus print media and fairs”

    The internet is by far the most significant medium for effective and efficient international marketing while agents have a higher success rate in converting offshore applications into enrolments.

    Making the internet integral to all marketing is essential because of huge reach and penetration within target audiences, targetted, adaptable, ”24/7” and measurable.

    This is confirmed by Van Vugt, and EdMedia who stress agents are the most important element in the marketing strategy based round online, the need for institutions to support agents as their frontline representatives and:

    “Forward online generated enquiries to your in-country agents, as they will usually have a higher conversion rate than your in-house staff attempting to do this remotely” (Hearps)

    Ref: Andrew Smith AIEC Hungary


    • Internet Marketing
    • Fairs & Seminars
    • Print Advertising


    Active in all social activities held in 35 private universities+high schools around Turkey, reached thousands of private school+university students dedicated seminars to countries; schools, area of study etc.., attending career days, attending education seminars, regular student /counseling office meetings, promotional material distribution

    If your institution/Organization is willing to be promoted by Plus education&careerin Turkey please let us know.

    We will be pleased to cooperate with you and believe it is going to be a fruitful one.

    For further information please get in contact with us and sign in to see our market reports and proposals specific for your region.