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    Plus Education and Career has been offering detailed and fully reliable education and career consultancy services through our many international partner institutions since 2005.

    It takes pride in being one of the companies with the largest profiles of schools, countries and programs regarding education abroad and career selections. Plus Education and Career works closely with potential students in order to help them choose the most appropriate and fitting alternative; a choice that will determine their education and career life heavily in the future.

    It is one of the institutions having the largest profiles of schools, countries, programs in the abroad education and career selections. lus education&career is near you for you to reach to all of the most appropriate international alternatives by having service professionally and in the most advantageous way while determining your future.

    Make the best decision for you by benefitting from this consultancy service and its years of experience, that is completely free of charge and helps you reach your goals in the best way possible.

    The comprehensive academic and professional programs promising a successful future and ensuring you improve yourself.

    Plus Education and Career provides academic opportunities abroad at every level:

    • High School
    • Preparation Year
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Professional Training
    • Certificate and Diploma Programs
    • Post Graduate
    • Doctorate
    • Foreign Language Education
    • Preparation for exams abroad
    • Summer Schools
    • Hobby Courses abroad

    The details of our Education and Career Consultancy Services are as follows:

    • The academic or professional improvement programs needed are determined  through the details such as your existing values, education situation, foreign language level, professional background.
    • The most appropriate country for you is determined by considering the factors such as foreign language, economical/social situation, accommodation, social rights, powerful sector / industry within the said countries.
    • The best academic  alternatives in the country and program are selected by considering the existing discounts and promotions.
    • All details related to the selection of options are determined by you. Budget, visa, accommodation, social life, working conditions, your social rights, travelling, etc…
    • You are informed concerning all visual materials and information in relation to the program / country selected by you. They are met with the persons who already experienced the same, all information including the details such as accommodation selections, insurance, plane ticket are presented with every alternative.
    • The application stage, which is the next stage after making the selections for alternatives, is guided by Plus Education and Career. All the details such as deadlines, finances, countries, visas, accommodation selections, documents required to apply for the program are presented to you as information in writing.
    • You are assisted in their preparation and the required corrections are made and put into the appropriate format.
    • The student is responsible for the payment of the physical costs (such as the application fees), Plus Education and Career is responsible to make sure the student is aware of the said application costs accurately and timely.
    • Your application is performed and followed up when all of your documents are completed.
    • During this time, the documents are prepared and made ready for visa application.
    • The visa application is processed when the acceptance letter is sent to the student
    • The visa procedure is also followed through by our consultants and the students are informed of all stages. (The rate of visa success of Plus Education and Career until now is 99 %).
    • The school fee is paid according to the visa procedure and the registration is completed.
    • Plus Education and Career organizes everything for you afterwards such as plane tickets, accommodation, transfer from the airport if needed.
    • Plus Education and Career aims to eliminate every kind of questions and possible problems by keeping in contact with you continuously even after you have started your education.
    • All academic and professional alternatives to cover your expectations and needs are continued to be offered to you by keeping in contact continuously.

    All power and happiness of us is to see that our friends whom we helped evaluate this investment made by them for themselves and their futures in the best way. It is also the evidence of our success to be aware of that we are a family improving continuously. Also wishing to see you between us. A beautiful/nice future is very easy with Plus education&career…